a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone.




a very affordable friendly and down to earth shopping experience for natural granite from around the world.

Complimentary Tile and Stone Design Services

Give us a call to set an appointment for our consultation services and see how you can blend colors ,textures and shapes in your space to compliment your entire living space both indoors and out.

Call us for a free quote

We will set up an appointment to come over to your home to give you a concrete quote. Our trained sales staff always comes prepared with a bunch of samples and pictures to choose your color, sink, and backsplash selections.Please contact us for your estimate

Other Services We Offer

  • Refresh and seal your granite

  • Repairs

  • Back Splash design and installations

Order the Pro Clean & Seal Service


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